Saturday, May 24, 2008

The future is calling. There's a lot of beeps.

Mark my words I do believe that before we croak, we will see android companions regularly in society.

Not "just in Japan" with the dancing demo robots, or just in the lab.

I mean going out shopping, and seeing people with a humanoid robot walking alongside them. Carrying groceries. Fetching shoes and dresses in colors and sizes.

Or hanging out with you.

Or, I assume you've seen the movie AI,

"press ... -start- ... to begin your ... -blowjob.-"

... ... [noises] [actions] [sensations] [whirring] ... ...

"please insert ... -nine-ty- -nine- -credits- ... to continue the pleasure.

But I'm not kidding. We have the technologies and willpower to do these things. To create pervasive and incredible robotic products. And I promise you: over the next couple of decades there will be not only a market demand but also a total acceptance into society.

It will take time. Businesses and products like Segway and iRobot are going to become, let's just say... -a lot more.- A lot more.

And eventually we'll have one machine tell the other not to feed him. They'll only want more. They'll only want more.

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