Sunday, July 27, 2008

CVS hack: $45+ FREE per week.

Disclaimer: Company policy officially prohibits the following activity. By officially I mean that customer service reps at both store and corporate levels said so. I requested this policy's documentation in writing but was denied. They were not able to provide an excuse in print, by mail, or on the web prohibiting this activity.

0. We are talking about CVS Pharmacy retail stores here, not the software checkout management system.
- 24-hour and mall stores tend to work best.
1. Have a CVS extra care rewards card.
2. Buy something small every day
- Use your card (duh).
3. I usually get a $0.99 Arizona iced tea or a soda.
- Candy bars and gum work too.
- They have food.
4. Check out which are the nice or new or lax cashiers.
3. Get a "$10 off purchase of $50 or more" coupon back with each purchase.
- You have to rip it off your receipt.
- You will get other coupons.
4. Do this once a day for five days.
5. Go to CVS on the sixth day or later, but before coupons expire.
6. Check in with your cashier.
- Clear your plan with them.
6. Fill a shopping basket of merchandise totaling $50.00 or more.
- Get soda last because it is heavy.
7. Use the flyers, coupons, Extra Bucks and hyigene to help select products.
8. Check out at the register.
- Present coupons and card first.
- They already know your plan because you told them on the way in.
- Five coupons takes $50.00 off; zero minimum balance.
9. Enjoy.

* Notes:

- The registers will take as many coupons as you throw at them!
- You won't always get coupons back with every transaction.
- Associates may be "told not to" do this. Human factor is a big part of this hack.
- A good first line of defense is "It doesn't say on the coupon that they can't be used together."
- I have used this hack 6 times so far. 5 successfully.
- I have checked out with up to nine coupons on one transaction. My total came up to $92, I paid $2.
- Try to do this at your regular CVS. That way they know you.
- I have had to re-shelve a big basket full of stuff because I could not get the clerk or manager to accept multiple of the same coupon. In this case it was not my regular CVS, I didn't check in with the clerk before shopping, and they were about to close. Learn from my mistakes.
- Having a 24-hour CVS is handy.
- Have the customer service phone number in your cell phone. Again, this is still "against company policy" either way.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If you are using a Sony Alpha camera...

...this is the list of lenses you can use.

On the right, filter by D lens compatible = yes.
Could not figure out how to do a direct link. Someone help?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hot deal. I can't decide which to buy.

Slice-of-Meat and Braised Pork cell phone charms via