Thursday, March 27, 2008

To do in no particular order.

Ok so you know those Dove chocolates with the little messages written inside the foil wrapper.

Do something spontaneous.
I blink twice--at this point I'm tasting this delish chocolate. And grab another out of the bag.
Hold hands firmly, hearts gently. At this point I'm thinking, scarf a bunch more of these down, no more looking at wrappers. Just chomp nom nom nom.
Be a little mysterious. About halfway through tearing open the foil on the next one I think what about if I open the foils reeeeaaallly slowly and delicately. You know, really go all soft on it. Girls would like that. So be mysterious, okay whatever; it's still got my attention barely.
Watch the sun come up. As always. Day, night, it's pretty much all the same to me. Not much time for sleeping these days.
That's when I paused to write those four. And grab this one: Share a sunset.
Then I thought hey I share every sunrise and sunset with my right hand firmly, there's not a whole lot of mystery or spontaneity to that.
Laugh until your heart overflows. Whatever. At this point I'm quitting the post. Last one nom nom.
Make someone melt today. And I IMMEDIATELY thought of how they make hockey pucks.

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