Sunday, February 17, 2008

The internet is a series of tubes, and you need to realize that those tubes can be filled, and if they're filled...

Anyone who knows photography knows famous websites like (digital photography review) and (including boastfully "more than 3,000 [forum] posts added daily").

The photography website that I now hold in high esteem is

This could be one of the best websites dedicated to digital photography on the internet.

I say could be because the user interface has some shortcomings.

I especially love the camera reviews for their technical professionalism, among many other things. When you go to one, look for the gray tab bar near the top. That's how you have to navigate, okay? When you get to the bottom they're kinda buried. Tabs, no 'next page' button. I think it lets them force you to drag your eyes over advertising.

There's, of course, much more to see. Like, for example, the ability to show you everything about all of the top current DSLR camera models at once.

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