Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A serious question.

What if you could manufacture a real, living dragon. I mean what if you had the technology to print in three dimensions, molecule-by-molecule. Computer numerically control the print head so materials and reactions occur at the right place and right time. Then press the green button and spark life.

We're already printing living bacteria. As in, scientists warily agree that the output of these manufacturing systems are verifiably alive critters. Next is rats and plants, then people, then custom creatures. Of course there are technical and moral dilemmas; I think they will be overcome in short time.

With enough dollars and lawyers, I think you could get a real dragon out. Or a chain gang of siamese twin rock stars. Or a billion other things that weren't on the Ark.

And eventually we'll have one machine tell the other not to feed him. They'll only want more. They'll only want more.

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