Monday, January 28, 2008

A Lensbaby nG could be sweet.

When n is large.

Lensbabies model 3G has got it almost right. They need to design it to look and work "more like a regular lens." The accordion bellows and prong thing makes people shy to shoot with this casually, I think. Also you want to be using a tripod. Or build an autofocus system for it. Or let people mount lenses on the end of it. Just lay through contacts and contract with whomever to make the mount rings and contact assemblies. Have a large ring slide in and out around the barrel. Have it guide you to available focus spots, have it follow your focus lock, have it do magic.

But basically have that ring be larger than the barrel diameter so as to be able to twist/contort the mechanism and "sweet spot of focus." They could rapidly ramp up production for something like this by keeping the insides mostly the same and making the overall lens interface look and operate like "a regular lens with a roll'n'ring that can be bent around weird ways." Add more intuitive dynamism and you could really have something.

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