Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sipping lemonade out on the screen porch.

I think I will document the process of getting my server back up and running to the state I want it in. There are many chores to be done. Hopefully I can get some help soon from one of my fellow linux users.

There are many steps involved but its important to document things of technical relevance/learning. So instead of tediously taking screenshots, I think I will just look over the shoulder of my guru and make photos of the screen at important intervals.

Well my camera is certainly higher resolution than the screen so it should be fine. There's the concern of moire and "obviousness of pictures of pixels" but I hope I can test a few shots to see how they touch up in software. Then another step along the way is setting up a batch to run them through so they look good posted here. I've been testing out some different photography softwares lately so we'll see what happens.

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