Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Okay, so the majority or people you encounter are incompetent. How to deal.

First of all, you are a smart cookie.
You know it.
I know it.
Auntie always says "That boy's smart."
She knows it.
Probably incompetents would know it if could realize things.

You realize it when you look in the mirror. And when you get a couple more points than you thought. You know it for sure, because you're a smart one, you are.

So what's with all of them? The average Joe. Incompetent. Dumb as a doornail. About as smart as a sack of wet mice. They're nowhere near as smart of a cookie as you. Yet they're all out there driving cars. They all put shoes on in the morning and they all feed themselves enough to keep alive. I don't know how--mind you.

I kindof got hooked on the following text about competency from this page on Wikipedia (which is unfortunately one with an HR spin).

"To be competent you need to be able to interpret the situation in the context and to have a repertoire of possible actions to take and have trained in the possible actions in the repertoire, if this is relevant. Regardless of training, competence grows through experience and the extent of an individual to learn and adapt."

Now the very next thing I will do from here is make a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies.

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