Sunday, January 13, 2008

You could help with the open camera.

The Basics: Iteration 1
"Just a project box" with a and a few buttons.
Photographic needs

  • Low-resolution CMOS/CCD sensor.
  • No lens.
  • Simple shutter button.
  • Small, low-resolution screen.
  • Some number of other buttons.
  • A scroll wheel would be cool.
Hardware needs
  • USB connectivity (USB-B)
  • SD or better card storage (2 to 5 slots)
  • 802.11b or better wifi with SDIO expansion
  • GPS with SDIO expansion
  • Bluetooth with SDIO expansion
  • ARM or better processor
  • Modular hardware, selectable button positions.
  • Simple component I/O
  • Standard batteries
  • Wall-power connection
  • Tripod mount

The key is choice.

At least in First Iteration software.

Software needs
  • Linux.
  • Live software update/installation over wifi.
  • OpenRAW support.
  • Calendar.
  • Store over wifi.
  • Auto-upload to services.
  • CUPS printing over wifi.
  • Grouping photos with scalable time interval (like Apple Aperture's Stacks)
  • Scriptabilty.
  • Batch marking and processing of scripts.
  • Intelligent calculation of time-to-execute all functions.
  • Prompt user on tasks that will take a long time.
  • Progress bars presented at all times.
  • Simple block-based exposure program creation on-camera.
  • Unlimited storage for presets and settings.
  • Full text-entry for naming any photo or setting.
  • Choice of what what file format to save as.
  • Choice of what compression to use.
  • Choice of what file size to save as.
  • On-camera cropping.
  • Photosynth integration.
  • User-customizable power management (i.e. sensor polling, processor throttling)
  • User-customizable resolution for all adjustments/sliders/selections/etc. (i.e. show ±0.01% battery life, rather than ±1 bar)
  • Language support.

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